Astari Nite make things a bit darker, there’s kind of a melancholy constantly present that shines out best through many really captivating melodies, like for example in the mesmerizing catchy popy refrain of “Joyful Wish”, a song which will most likely be stuck in your head for quite some time.” – Terra Relicta

“The songs included in Until the End of the Moon consolidate Astari Nite’s search for a sound that with deep vocals, dramatic bass lines and nostalgic guitars combines the depth of goth with the speed and flexibility of indie rock.”Peek a Boo Magazine

“Mychael Ghost and his colleagues have internalized what lately unfortunately many have failed: Without decent material no great emotions. Stereowaltz contains good songs, great song and over-songs: The outrageously danceable ‘Pyramids,’ the languid ‘Coven,’ the poignant ‘Prayer for Lovers.’ If Stefan Raab chanting one of us, he would ‘sensational.’”  – Sonic Seducer

“Mission accomplished. The 80’s are clear and present through the pop feel exudes a dark, melancholic post punk overtones.”  – Dark Entries 

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